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January 2007 Bernadette says:
This is one of Dover's longest established nurseries. It is based in a Victorian terrace over 2 floors, right in the centre

of Dover. It has a lovely grassed garden. The youngest children aged 2-3 have the downstairs floor.


The eldest children aged 3-4 (those joining school the next September) have the upstairs floor.

The day is split into 2 sessions, 8.30 to 12.00, with a 1 hour optional lunch, then 13.00 to

16.30. Session fees are cheap too. The owner works in the nursery and her staff are highly

qualified and tend to stay put so they mush like it there, as well as the kids.


This nursery has a good OFSTED report, especially when you compare it to reports on

the other nurseries in the town, but don't believe the inspectors, go and see for

yourselves. The nursery has quite a waiting list. See Review